Hunan-Iaith is a bilingual project between Where I’m Coming From collective & Y Stamp magazine that aims to bridge the gap between language and translation in our communities. We started out with a weekend at Ty Newydd full of translation exercises, workshops on cynghanedd and Golden Shovel poems. We came away with a list of outcomes including a bilingual pamphlet of work, a bilingual open mic, a glossary of terms relating to POC translated into Welsh.

Watch this space! 

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is a series of cross-discipline poetry/ visual art workshops focusing on body image and beauty, particularly from a BAME woman’s perspective. Sessions include exploring themes such as colourism, body hair, face structure, body shape as well as unpacking more general constructs of beauty. The project invites participants to compose a self-portrait and will then be followed by a poetry workshop enriched by their artwork and self-exploration. It will culminate in a body of work surrounding the themes of beauty and body image from a BAME perspective.

Just So You Know

Edited by Hanan Issa, Durre Shahwar and OEzgur Uyanik. “I felt the city in my muscles, my saliva. I wanted to be changed. I wanted to be in love.” A young woman weaves her experience of abuse into the folklore of her ancestors. A student addresses his OCD by writing letters. A Paralympic medallist reflects upon his journey into a challenging new lifestyle. From language politics to neurodivergence, cultural heritage to sexual identity, from immigration to race, these are insights shared with great care, sincerity, and often humour. Featuring an unbound range of writers; united by their connection to Wales, but reaching freely across continents. This collection is an open invitation. It is a bringing together of previously untold perspectives: creative essays with no hard lines or prescriptive margins. No normative spotlights, only an open space to speak, and be heard. These are stories told on their own terms.

Riverside Grows Wild

I was approached by the coordinator of a fantastic local project called Riverside Grows Wild to compose a poem about Riverside as well as touching on topics such as local history, nature and community.

The mural itself was created by one of the most talented graffiti artists I have ever come across, Peaceful Progress.  The mural is absolutely stunning and I am so glad to have been a part of this wonderful project!

The Whole Story

A portrait bust of Chief Bokani sits quietly in a glass shelf at Amgueddfa Caerdydd-National Museum Cardiff. The museum plaque describes him as a Congolese pygmy chief who ‘performed on the London stage’ in Victorian Britain.

But is this really the full story?

We held a workshop and public performance to discuss and change how Chief Bokani’s story is told in the museum.


Cardiff Arcades

Art/Poetry collaboration for International Women's Day 2017

This collaboration came about after me discovering Moosleemargh’s work online.  Needless to say I was blown away!

I ordered a t-shirt print, fangirled a bit, and we started chatting.  The conversation quickly turned to these 3 ideas and the multitude of misconceptions/ stereotypes and challenges surrounding them.

We decided to explore our conversation further using our respective art forms and these were showcased at Wales Millennium centre as part of the IWD celebrations.


You can purchase the art/ poem prints here: